• 2017
  • Populism, Media Dynamics and Journalistic Choices. How Nordic media has reacted on the rise of populist-nationalist anti-immigration parties? The Future of Freelancing – Nordic Freelance Seminar. Suomenlinna, Helsinki. FINLAND.
  • How populism speaks to us – and why it works? Speechwriters’ and Business Communicators Conference, European Speechwriter Network. Magdalen College, Oxford. UK.
  • Promoting Racism? How rising right-wing populist parties challenge public debate and human rights. Legal English Workshop, School of Law, University of Valencia. SPAIN.
  • Gender equality achieved? Women’s leadership in Finnish politics. Women, elections and campaigning. Event by the The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Political Parties of Finland for Democracy. Helsinki, FINLAND.
  • 2016
  • Racism, Politics and Media in Europe. How the rise of populism stretches the boundaries of acceptable speech? In: Human Rights and Media: Reflections for Policy Makers, NGOs and Journalists (2016) University of Glasgow, UK.
  • 2015
  • How media selects and uses experts? Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists (23.4.2015). Salo, FINLAND.*
  •  Gender Equality Achieved? Women’s leadership in Finnish Politics. Paper at Women, Gender and Political Leadership Workshop by Political Studies Association (15.5.2015). Birkbeck, University of London, UNITED KINGDOM.
  •  Finally a Woman? The history and future of women’s political leadership in Sweden, Scotland and Finland. Seminar paper at the School of public Administration ( 8.4.2015). Gothenburg, SWEDEN.
  • 2014
  • Media and Party Leadership Successions in Finland, 1987–2014. The Journalists’ Association. (4.11.2014). Turku, FINLAND.*
  • Expertise in the Media. Seminar by the Centre for Parliamentary studies and Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. (10.11.2014). Helsinki, FINLAND. Together with Dr. Ville Pitkänen.*
  • Gender, Media and Political Leadership in Finland. Arkadia 2015 seminar for the prospect parliamentarians, by Eurofacts. (11.11.2014) Helsinki, FINLAND *
  • From Women’s Uprising to the Wave of Populism: Party Leadership in Finland. A lecture in the History now! -series. The Historical Society of Turku. (12.11.2014). Turku FINLAND.*
  • Naw or Aye? Independence Referendum Campaigns in Scotland, 2012–2014. (13.11.2014.) The History Teachers Society. Turku, FINLAND.*
  • 2013
  • Female Party Leaders’ Media Strategies, Case Finland. Scottish Feminist Academics; workshop 17.06.2013, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.
  • The Art of balancing: the True Finns’ Identity Politics and Populist Leadership . Languages and Literatures Research Seminar Series 2013; University of Strathclyde. (04.12.2013.) Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.
  • Women’s Breakthrough into Political Leadership in Finnish Print Media, 1987–2008. Public Lecture. (28.03.2013.) Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.
  • 2012
  • Borderline between Populism and Extremism. Phenomenon of the True Finns Party. Conference on Political Extremism in the Time of Economic Crisis in Europe and the Czech Republic. (20.11.2012). Parliament of the Czech Republic, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • Possibilities of Democratic States in the Fight against Extremism. Working Breakfast for Members of Parliament and invited guests (20.11.2012). Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • The True Finns Phenomenon – Rise of Finnish Populism. Populism in Europe – Case: Finland. (18.10.2012). Journalist Club, Budapest, HUNGARY.
  • What Could Finland Learn from the Campaigning in the U.S. Presidential Elections? Democracy now! 10 year anniversary seminar of the Centre for Parliamentary Studies. (3.12.2012.) Turku, FINLAND.*
  • 2011
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Blue – Media Publicity of the 2011 general Elections.The Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland. (9.4.2011.) Turku, FINLAND.*
  • No, Thank You! The Cultural History of Refusal. Annual Nationwide Meeting of the Student Counselling Teachers. Marina Congress Center.  (4.2.2011) Helsinki. FINLAND.*
  • 2008-2010
    ▪ Media, Politics and General Elections. Academy of Politics for the Finnish Centre Youth. Keskustan puoluetoimisto. (13.11.2010.) Helsinki. FINLAND.(Similar lectures for the Centre Party’s Youth League also in 2009 ja 2007.)*
    ▪ Who’s Elections? Analysis of the media publicity of the 2009 municipal elections. Book launch by Foundation of Municipal Developement and Centre for Parliamentary Studies. (27.10.2009.) Helsinki, FINLAND.*
    ▪  Social Democratic Party’s Leadership Succession (2008) and the Media  Social Democrats of Finland Proper. Ravintola Koulu. (27.2.2009.) Turku, FINLAND.*
    ▪ Mediated Society in Transformation. Media Education. Paasikiviopisto.  (7.3.2008.). Turku, FINLAND.
    ▪ Image Building and Personality Politics. Seminar for the members of political parties youth organisations: Student Union of National Coalition Party, Social Democratic Students in Finland, Finnish Centre Youth, Federation of Green Youth and Students. (3.5.2008.) Helsinki, FINLAND.*
    ▪ Mediahistory and Mediated Society. Future Academy. Organised by the Social Democratic Party,  Social Democratic Students in Finland and Worker’s Educational Association of Finland. Työväen Akatemia.  (11.4.2008). Kauniainen. FINLAND.*

* Title translated, original in Finnish


  • Leadership Elections, Media and Political Campaigning in Selected Western Democracies since 1960’s (5 ECTS). Department of Political Science and Contemporary History, University of Turku. Spring term 2015. In English.
  • Political Leadership in Western Democracies: Past and Present” (5 ECTS). School of Management. University of Tampere. Spring term 2014. In English.
  • Gaining Power, Losing Power. (4 ECTS) Spring term 2013. Department of Political Science and Contemporary History, University of Turku.*
  •  Media Publicity in the Finnish 2011 General Elections. Lectures & workshops on media analysis. Department of Contemporary History, University of Turku. Intermediate studies, spring term 2011.*
  • EU-criticism and reporting on the European Union. Lectures and workshops. The European Union and European media landscapes -course. European Studies, University of Turku. Intermediate studies, three repeated courses in 2008–2010.

* Title translated, the course was in Finnish.

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