Papers Presented



Whose voices were heard? ‘European refugee crisis’, rise of populism and journalistic choices. Political Studies Association (PSA) Annual International Conference,together with Annu Perälä. Glasgow.


The ‘Nightmare Called Multiculturalism’. A Case Study of a Populist Anti-immigration Party’s Crisis Communication after Entering a Coalition Government. ECPR General Conference, Prague.


Gendered Political Campaigning: Reaching out to women voters in Scottish independence referendum campaigns 2014*. 3rd Finnish National Historical Research Days Conference, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland.

Parties, Election Campaigns and Media Logic: Professionalisation and mediatisation of electoral campaigning in Finland 1980–2000. Mediating Democracy, PSA Media and Politics group annual conference, University of Chester, UK

The Use of Experts in Political Journalism. Political Studies Association (PSA): 65th Annual International Conference. Together with Dr. Ville Pitkänen. Sheffield, UK.

Populist Party Leaders Controlling Immigration-related Crises in Media: The cases of UKIP, The Finns Party and The Sweden Democrats. Political Studies Association (PSA): 65th Annual International Conference. Together with PhD Candidate Matti Välimäki.. Sheffield, UK.


Favored in the Times of Trouble? 8th ECPR General Conference. European Consortium of Political Research. University of Glasgow, UK.

Expertise in the Media. The Finnish Conference for Media Research. Together with Dr. Ville Pitkänen. University of Vaasa, FINLAND. *


How Mediated Corruption Scandals Affect Party Leader Successions: The Finnish Experience, 1990–2010. Corruption, Governance and Political Ethics: Mapping Research in the UK.  Durham University, UK.

On the Interplay between the Media and Politics: Party Leader Contests and Leader replacements in Finnish Print Media 1987–2008. IAMCR 2013: Crises, ‘Creative Destruction’ and the Global Power and Communication Orders.  Dublin, IRELAND.

Women’s Breakthrough to Political Leadership. Case Finland Analysed in the Nordic Context. PSA Comparative European Politics Conference. Glasgow, UK.


It’s got to be a she. Media portrayal of selecting the first female social democratic party leaders in Sweden and Finland. XXII World Congress of Political Science 2012: Reshaping Power, Shifting Boundaries.  Madrid, SPAIN.

Selecting the first females: Female party leader candidates and changing party leader ideals in Finnish newspapers 1987–2010. “Social Media and Global Voices” ECREA 4th European Communication Conference.  Istanbul, TURKEY.


How to analyze party leader representations in their historical and societal context?. Leadership, Leaders and New Trends in Political Communication  Rome, ITALY.

Studying Changing Party Leadership. NordMedia 2011. Akureyri, ICELAND.

* Title translated, original in Finnish

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